Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pics, Thank you & an Award:)

Hi Everyone!

Whew, what a week! The norm I, school, soccer, baseball, exercise, and oh yeah except one thing......MY NEW NIECE :) Okay the next few pics are non crafty, sorry! 

Introducing Lily Marie
Isn't she a little pumpkin? So precious! 

And take a look at these two. Andon & Laney (My son and my 1st niece)
He's 8 and she's 16 months - She is so sweet and just loves her cousin!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the sweet comments about my niece. You sure know how to make a gal smile:) 

I also must thank my sweet bloggy friend Shirl over at Creations by Shirl she's super creative, leaves the sweetest comments, and always brightens my day! She passed on the Sunshine blogger award to me. Thank you Shirl!

Here are the rules:

Include award logo in the blog post and thank the blogger who gave it to you & include a link back.

Answer 10 questions about yourself that you made up yourself  (yeah, I know, kinda weird)

Nominate 10-12 bloggers for the award and contact them at their site to inform them.

I thought it would be fun to have my son make up the questions. He only made it to 6. I was cutting into his TV time:) 

  1. What's your favorite Color? - PINK
  2. What's your nickname? - My MIL called me peanut and my BF'S dad called me quarter pint
  3. What's your favorite TV Show? - Right now it's Nashville. Have you seen it? - its really good!
  4. What was your favorite toy as a kid? Barbie! I had the dream house, the cars, vans, boats, etc... I was in LOVE with barbie!
  5. Ok this is a funny q? What height do you want to be when you grown up? Yes, I explained this to him and he said you're all done? I'm only 4-11.
  6. I love this one - When you are a little girl Did you know you would marry Daddy? My answer - Well I guess so because I always knew I would marry prince charming. (good one huh)                                                                                                                      
  7. What is your favorite thing to do? I love being with my boys. They make me laugh and I have such a great time watching them play sports, going to eat, playing games, or just watching a movie. It's all my favorite. BUT, I love me some shopping with my girlfriends and I can't go a day without my walks.
  8. What is your favorite thing to eat? OK, so we are a FOOD family. So much so that my oldest son is getting his business degree and then on to Culinary school. I love most everything from the finest foods to a local dive. But my all time favorite food is my Grandpa's meatballs - to die for!! 
  9. Where is your favorite place to go? The Beach
  10. If you could jump on a plane and travel anywhere for a visit where would you go? Italy - I would love to see if we have any long lost relatives and I would EAT!EAT!EAT!
Now as for the "Nominate 10-12 bloggers" well I just want to pass this along to ALL of my amazing bloggy friends! All of your comments warm my heart and make this little adventure so FUN!



Lisa said...

Aww, Lily Marie is so precious!! What a sweet baby!! And the picture of your son and Laney is so adorable!! Congratulations on your award!! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend my sweet friend!! Hugs!!

Lisa :)
A Mermaid's Crafts

Tanya~Studio 5380 said...

Oh my goodness...Miss Lily Marie is a beauty! What a beautiful baby, I just love those sweet little cheeks! And what a sweet pic of your son and his adorable little cousin! There sure are some beautiful children in your family ♥

Pat N. said...

Congrats on your beautiful new niece! TFS your photos. and congrats on your award too. I really got a kick out of your son's questions, so sweet.

Creations by Shirl said...

You are welcome Shelly ~ so well deserved... Aw Lily Marie is a bundle of joy and what an adorable pics of the two cousins together...
Love your Q & A, I've been having fun reading all the fun things everyone is saying about themselves.. LOL!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

So sweet! Great pics! Thanks for sharing, congrats on your award! Carri~Abusybee

jessica said...

What adorable pictures Shelly!! Congrats on Lily Marie!! She is just beautiful!!!
Congrats on your well deserved blog award! LOVE reading your questions and answers!
TFS and have a GREAT day!

Kate said...

Awww such a cute picture. Congrats on your new Niece and the award. Great Q and A. The kids are adorable but your niece is just so precious. Hope your enjoying your weekend.

Sherrie K. said...

Oh Shelly, what a sweet little princess! I love her sweet name, Lily Marie. I bet you just want to hold and hug her all day:)
Your little guy and little Laney are adorable! What a darling picture of the two of them. I am sure Laney just love's playing with her bigger cousin. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and I am so happy for your families.

Congrats on your award! You definitely brighten my days! Hope you have a great evening my friend!
Sherrie K

Sherrie K. said...

By the way...congrats on your top 3 at Little Scrap Pieces!! Woot-Woot!
Sherrie K

Cindy Beland said...

Congrats on your BEAUTIFUL new little niece and also on your award!well deserved my sweet friend!!also LOVE the ADORABLE pics of the two cousins together,TOO CUTE!!!Have a great day!:)

Cindy Beland said...
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DIANA L. said...

The baby is so adorable and your children are just as cute.

Congrats on your award.