Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow! Stylish Blogger Award!

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend I received the stylish Blogger award from 3 very TALENTED ladies.  They truly deserve the award. Thank you ladies, I appreciate it so very much! Please check out their blogs.

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Upon receiving this award I must…
Thank the person who gave this award to me and link back to their blog
Share 8 things about myself
Pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
Leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.                                                 
  1. I love my family! I have the most amazing family! My husband is just about perfect, he is my dream come true. My boys are my pride and joy. They make me so proud to be their mom.
  2. I’m a foodie. I grew up in an Italian family and my Grandfather was a chef. Need I say more.  We enjoy all types of dining, from fine dining to a local burger joint and everything in between.   
  3. I am going to be an Auntie! My very first niece (thank you God for a girl) is coming in June. So very excited – lots of girly projects on the horizon.
  4. I am a baseball mom, and proud of it! My oldest plays in college and my baby is 3rd year in little league.  I love watching those boys on the field. My oldest just had his first college game, rough start, but as I told him after the game. He looks so cute in his uniform, and he IS the cutest boy on the team J
  5. I am obsessed with paper! I love it and can’t get enough of it. I think I could paper the world.
  6. I love getting in my car and turning the radio up and singing my guts out. (without the family) Although my six year old thinks I should try out for American Idol. I don’t know what’s more touching, the fact that he thinks I still meet the age requirements or the fact that he thinks I can sing. (I can’t)
  7. I’m a girly girl. Yes, I love baseball but the running  joke is that you won’t catch me at the field without my heels! I love jewelry, handbags, hats, dresses, heels (the higher the better), anything that makes you look and feel pretty!
  8. My Girlfriends are a blessing! My bestie and I have been friends for 28 years.  For those that know what it is to have a B/F I don’t have to explain, but she is someone so special that God blessed me with and I could not imagine my life without her in it. My dear friends I’ve met along the way. We share stories, troubles, laughter, drama, tears, love, and sometimes chocolate cake. Mmmm my favorite! I just wouldn’t be the women I am with their love, support, and guidance.
Now for the 8 people that I have discovered, that's so tough! First these three women would be on the top of my list for sure. But I don't think I'm allowed to give it back am I?

Thank you for being so creative and inspiring! I look forward to looking at your new projects every week!

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